About Us

An ordinary couple bringing you extraordinary fashion.

One regular Thursday evening, we sat down together after putting our three children to bed. Hot coffee mugs in hand, we reflected on the day and each of our childrens individuality came into conversation.

The fashion we choose to wear is more than just a materialistic notion. It is the cornerstone of our psyche and the epitome of our self-confidence.

The fashion we put our energy into represents our style and personality. It represents our individuality and being able to feel our authentic selves allows us to put our best foot forward in all our affairs.

We believe everyone deserves to feel this way and we put action to words. Living Timeless was created at our coffee table.

We deliver quality, timeless designer fashion because we want you to feel your true self, to exude your personal vibe confidently and to feel liberated and self-assured. We want you to be Living Timelessly.